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How to Uninstall SwagBucks Search
SwagBucks Search Description

From Zavoo:

Things Todo Today is an extension for Google Chrome. It helps to make a simple to do list in seconds. It is always on right there when you need it and its fun to use.

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Uninstall SwagBucks Search Methods
Method one: You can remove SwagBucks Search follow the steps below:
  • 1.Close all your applications.
  • 2. Open the Control Panel and proceed to Programs and Features.
  • 3. Click View Installed Updates in the left-hand task pane.
  • 4. Scroll to the bottom and you’ll find SwagBucks Search. Double-click it, and click Yes at the “Are you sure you want to uninstall this update?” prompt.
  • 5. Follow the instructions and reboot when prompted.

Method two: Uninstall SwagBucks Search with Force Uninstall function.

Perfect Uninstaller has another powerful function which is able to uninstall SwagBucks Search completely from the folder. There will not be any related components and remaining registry entries on your computer.

  • 1. Download the Perfect Uninstaller
  • 2. Make sure that all the files, folders and process related to the SwagBucks Search is closed.
  • 3. Run Perfect Uninstaller.
  • 4. Click “OK” to skip the pop-up: First please try the “Uninstall” function.

  • 5. Find the directory directly in the hard drive where you locate the program.

  • 6. Click “Next” and then follow the on-screen prompts to finish the removal.

Just with a few of steps, you can uninstall SwagBucks Search quickly and completely. Perfect Uninstaller is excellent Programs Removal Software that helps you uninstall/remove any unwanted programs safely and completely in Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7.